Streetizens X UNICEF Partnership Launch

A little late to announce the release but so much love for the Streetizens team for all your time and dedication. All your hard work has finally borne fruit--Streetizens is not only a legal NGO in Indonesia, under the name Yayasan Anak Indonesia Maju, but also now a new partner of UNICEF! We are very humbled by this amazing opportunity to be working with UNICEF as a U-Partner for their U-Report project. On top of that, Streetizens also won the San Marino-Alexander Bodini Children's Award 2017. 

Doubling the event as a New Years party, we decided to host a commemorative celebration for Streetizen's achievements and our gratitude to UNICEF for all their faith and support in our cause.

Special thanks to The Jakarta Post for covering the event, which you can read about here

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