FV sharing session with Jakarta Governor, Pak Ahok


Yesterday, a selected group of JIS students were invited to share with Jakarta's governor, bapak Basuki Tjajah Purnama— or as he is affectionately called, "Pak Ahok" —about service learning and the emphasis on holistic education in Jakarta Intercultural School. 

Along with this opportunity, I was able to share with him Forgotten Voices. He told me: "Saya merasa tidak ada banyak orang yang membuat proyek komunitas seperti yang kamu membuat. Memang, kita tidak boleh melupakan masyarakat lansia di Indonesia, terutama di Jakarta." (I feel that there isn't many people who do community projects like you do. Indeed, we shouldn't neglect the elderly community of Indonesia, especially in Jakarta.)

Aside from listening to our projects, he shared with us a few of his values and outlook towards service projects.

"Yang paling penting menjadi orang itu untuk mempunyai empati."
(the most important thing as a person is to have empathy)

"Kita bukan negeri pengemis. Warganegara harus membangun negara kami secara kolektif."
(We are not a country who "begs." Our citizens need to build our nation collectively.)

And indeed, we, as Indonesia's youths, must continue broadening our knowledge and deepening our compassion, and work together to improve the livelihood of our nation.

Selamat membaca,