Streetizens X JIS Pilot Meeting


Finally, the Streetizens X JIS partnership is underway. To represent the JIS team, Nick Widjaja and I went with the Streetizens team from SPH, Felicia, Nathan, Cindy, Megan and Elisse, to their regular partner community at Tanah Abang. We were introduced to the Jakarta Underground Revival organisation, tante Sophie and om Israel. 

Although it was a short visit, it was definitely the door that kept gave us the bigger picture of the community we'll be working with. They were a very optimistic and energetic group. We sang songs and, for the most part, conversed with them. A highlight of the discussion were the upcoming plans of having a school for the children in the area.

In lieu of the formation of Streetizens X JIS, we'll be meeting with the Jakarta Underground Revival to discuss further about the plans for the project.

Apologies for the very vague post, but we'll be sure to follow up with more details very soon. :)

Selamat membaca,