The Heart's Eye

My thoughts and consideration for elderly people evolved through the course of my visit to Bina Bhakti. At first, I hadn't realized how life-changing story telling could impact someone as neutral as me. I do not believe in miracles. But what I do believe is that if one can obtain passion and drive, he/she could do anything. In this case, I first-handed experienced someone with this sort of drive — to essentially start a project about elderly homes, and publish their life-changing stories in order to inspire younger generations. Visiting Bina Bhakti not only changed my perspectives of elderly men and women, but it also allowed me to see a similarity of what our very own grandparents see in us. Ultimately, this trip opened the back of my mind where I wasn't able to see with my naked eye. It allowed me to feel what some elders think about our present time and lastly, what they think of us!

— Eugene Siswanto