Insan Anugerah on TVRI!

I'm really proud and happy for SIA to have been featured on TVRI's "Semangat Pagi Indonesia" (Indonesia's morning spirit) morning program. One of the things that Insan Anugerah has been lacking is wider exposure to the Indonesian community. This television segment helps to debunk the misconception prevalent amongst majority, which is a great step forward not only for SIA, but for the mentally-disabled community in general.

The television segment showcased the SIA children playing musical instruments, dancing a short routine and cooking a meal.

"These children are special and amazing because they didn't let their disabilities become a hinderance to living days filled with laughter and happiness," the feature report quotes. The five-minute clip also interviewed some familiar faces, hi there Indira! 

"Children with Down Syndrome also have the potential to develop their talents through education."

Selamat membaca,