Pop-up gardens: simple take-home crafts

This week was our last session of the academic year. I had the honor of organizing the day’s activities. Claudia and I planned to make a "pop-up garden" craft activity. Each child was given a green cardboard to emulate the grass in the garden. We used yarn to craft different objects in a garden (flowers, butterflies, and caterpillars, perhaps ladybugs) and adding them all to the cardboard garden for them to take home.

I thought of this idea because previously when doing crafts, we have generally used origami paper for the most part. We thought that it would be a good  fochange to teach the SIA children about different textures as well. Also, a pop-up garden would be a nice memento for them to bring home and put on display.

But here's the funny story: the glue we were using did not stick very well onto the cardboard that we used.

Halfway, we improvised used tape instead. Lastly, some of the children were unable to design their garden as the envisioned garden. But that was an easily mitigable problem because we just let the children create their garden as they liked. The best part of working with crafts is that there is no “right” way to do it; you just let your creativity flow. Most of all, it was ensuring that the SIA children were given the experience they came for.

I’m looking forward to the next academic year with Best Buddies and working with the SIA children. Definitely going to miss them over the summer.

Selamat membaca,