Forgotten Voices take GIN 2016

I was blessed with the wonderful opportunity to share the first Forgotten Voices books at the Global Issues Network Bali 2016. GIN is an international network that enable students to congregate to create and lead project-based solutions to global problems.

Mrs. Andrews, our CAS coordinator, extended the invitation to me earlier in late January as a member of one of the four GIN workshop teams, the Amal Mulia team. The global issue we brought to GIN was the issue of elderly neglect. Amal Mulia, a service club working with an elderly community centre of the same name, shares Forgotten Voices' philosophy in advocating for greater awareness of the elderly community, particularly in Jakarta.

Here's a quick summary of our workshop activity:

To simulate the feeling of being an elder, we gave the workshop participants some "impairments": blindness by using eye masks, motoric hinderances by taping their fingers and wrists, and deafness by asking them to use earphones and play (quite loud) music. And then we asked them to do crafts with us. Nothing big, really, just some simple origami. But of course, with those new impairments, they had quite a bit of trouble even trying to fold their square sheets in half, especially those using the eye masks.

Our workshop was a huge hit, even the student staff who came in to check on our room ended up staying and joining in our activity. People were also sure to take a copy of the first edition of Forgotten Voices on their way out.  Some of them came up to me later that day to share their thoughts after reading the books.

But my excitement doesn't end there. I had the honour of sharing Forgotten Voices to Logan Smalley, director of TED Ed, over lunch. The picture above is our "proof of transaction," because he said that he wanted to be the first official person to purchase a Forgotten Voices book.

GIN 2016 was definitely a memorable event, for me as a person, and for Forgotten Voices as a project. 

Selamat membaca,