Hello Sekolah Insan Anugerah!

DSK & Insan Anugerah 2015

Meet Sekolah Insan Anugerah, a non-profit school that encourages children with mental disabilities, specially Down Syndrome, to receive a standard level of education. Down Syndrome is a rare genetic disease that interrupts mental and physical growth of a person. 

Working hand-in-hand with Insan Anugerah Organisation, the Buddies Buddies club aims to establish a one-to-one friendship with these Down-Syndrome children by equipping them with life skills. By promoting their emotional, physical, mental, and social well-being, we strive to open up the opportunity for them to grow into contributing members of society.

I have always had a strong passion for helping children diagnosed with mental disorders. I believe that they have much more capacity than what society stigmatises them to be. As we grow them to better themselves, I believe that the volunteers of the club can grow alongside with them. Majority of people are aversive towards individuals diagnosed with mental disabilities because they think that they're "weird" and are much more troublesome to care for. Contrastingly, from this stereotype, I developed the philosophy: if not us, then who? 

Conventional standards shouldn't be the measure of a person's worth, nor should they define a person.

Really looking forward to a great year with them :)

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