Erupting the passion within

 I don't think much explanation is needed for this activity, which the SIA children obviously enjoyed very much. It seems that cooking and science experiments are both a few of their favourite activities.

But just to drop in something to think about:

The volcanoes were filled with unequal amounts of vinegar inside the bottles and hence were given unequal amounts of baking soda. In the end, they all erupted.

So if we think about it in terms of people: we were all given various talents—some of us are charismatic leaders, some of us are creative concept-ors and others are efficient executives. But at the end, all of us can create something great too. It's all about how much effort we want to put in and develop our talents. It takes a nudge, a spark, yes, but at the end it's up to you to feed your passion and continue to hone your skills on whatever platform you choose.

What erupts your passion?

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