Bina Bhakti Christmas Outing

Today, we had a "Christmas celebration" visit to Bina Bhakti. We played chess, sang some oldie-but-goldie songs on karaoke and wrote Christmas card wishes together.

Some of the omas and opas were very shy when we asked them to sing some songs, but in truth, they were all really excited to be given the microphone. We sung a wide range of songs, from favourite Christmas songs (we had oma Josephine sing "Silent Night" in Dutch!), to old-time "pop" songs (oma Liana sang her favourite childhood song, "Que Sera") and even traditional Indonesian songs (led by opa Andreas and opa Joseph).

Also, who said that old people weren't mentally agile? Some of them opted to play chess after finishing their Christmas cards, challenging—and even winning—some of the chess rounds. 

Special shoutout to the team who came with me today: Many thanks to Sammy, Rachael, Patrick, Marc, Michael, Johnson, Nick and Amelia for spending a part of your day together with Bina Bhakti!

Stay updated for more upcoming visits!

Selamat membaca,