(Un)mask the creativity

As we have previously planned, we made masks with the Insan Anugerah kids. The perfectionist inside of me insists that all the DIY activities have to be done perfectly, or at least, to an ideal I planned out in my head. But the kids won’t always have the capability to paint or draw or trace or craft the way that other children can.


And today I'm reminded that there is no right or wrong in art.

The kids painted their masks to their heart's content — with an abstract line across the right eye-hole, a random spot of red in the middle of a flawless peach mask, or even painting over the pre-drawn patterns. They did not confine their imagination to the status quo, and I feel that it's not something everyone can do. Because if you compare them to the non-DS children of their same age, they'd mostly be colouring in the lines, drawing specific patterns because of the conventional notions of masks.

So in a way, it's a blessing to see the SIA children paint and draw limitlessly in the most simple, innocent way they are.

Selamat membaca,