Music is the universal language

Best Buddies club volunteers come from Korea, India, Japan, Singapore, America, and some from Jakarta. Since the SIA children all only speak Indonesian, language proved to be quite a barrier between the two parties and so interaction started off a bit awkward and hesitant.

But after time passed, the volunteers were able to start learning a bit of Indonesian and communicate with the SIA children with body gestures and their newly-learned Indonesian words.

Today, we communicated through the universal language of music. Although they were far from becoming an orchestra, the SIA children definitely have a passion for music. 

Apologies for the somewhat chaotic composition, but the SIA children were all simultaneously playing to their hearts content. The cacophony of tambourines, maracas, drums and triangles are merely the harmonious unison of the love for music and self-expression.

What "song" touches your soul?

Selamat membaca,